State & Local Agencies

State and Local government agencies are the very visible stewards of public taxpayer dollars and as such, are under constant pressure to deliver civic services in the best possible manner, with ever decreasing budgets and diminishing resources. Among the many challenges facing government agencies across the United States is the need to continue providing outstanding services to its citizens in the face of increasing or decreasing populations, rapid technological changes and ever decreasing resources. What often comes across as the “same old” government apathy and speed to solving problems, is usually a particular agency’s struggle to provide outstanding services with existing resources – budgetary, manpower, legislative and technological.

State and local governments provide a wide array of services to their constituents, ranging from utilities (water, sewer, power), public works, law and order, parks and recreation, health and human services, transportation, among others. The Mindboard team has extensive experience providing enterprise modernization services to State and local government agencies across diverse functional areas throughout the United States. Our clientele includes agencies that span the following functional areas, among others:

• Health and Human Services
• Public Works
• Public Utilities (Water, Sewer and Power)
• Parks and Recreation
• Property and Asset Management
• Fleet Management
• Public Safety
• Information Technology
• Parking Management
• Finance
• Procurement
• Housing
• Education (K-12, SLED)
• Forestry

Throughout each engagement, the Mindboard team has sought to provide outstanding services to our clients to enable them to serve their citizens in the most effective manner. We have assisted clients within this vertical with IT implementation & integration, business process review and reengineering, requirements definition, system implementation, integration and maintenance support. Mindboard continues to strategize the use of pioneering new and emerging technologies such as Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Mobility as a Service to effectively automate and manage processes such as work order management, inventory control, utility billing, financial management, case management, etc. It is our ongoing intent to introduce our State and Local government clients with tools that are affordable, effective and reliable. Our State and local government clients can provide testimony to the fact that our services continue to help them recognize ways to better deliver critical services to their citizens.

Client: State of Maryland, Department of Human Resources

Project: Maryland Department of Human Resources – Implementation of xPression Document Generation and Delivery solution

Role: UI/UX Redesign, Business Process Redesign, Project Management Support, Technology Architecture, Design, Implementation and Test (including UAT support) of the end-to-end technology overhaul of the legacy system for customer communications to a brand new platform for the online and batch processes to support 50K+ users; migrate 2500+ templates.

Objective: Implementation of xPression Document Generation and Delivery solution for the four MD DHR legacy towers.

Background and Solution: MD DHR legacy systems produces several million (in double digits) notices per year using a batch notice generation process based on COBOL and in some cases send to CDC for batch printing and mailing, and in other cases printed using local printers, which are then manually folded and stuffed in mailer envelopes for a mail out. The notices are based on ‘000s of templates, some in English and some in Spanish, and business logic embedded in the primary business process. Historic notices are stored on the shared drive (SAN) and retrieved through custom green screens.

The absence of a standardized editing tool makes On-Demand creation of case documents challenging. The current notice generation technology is outdated, difficult to maintain, and restricts full functionality.

Mindboard is the primary provider of the integration, implementation and testing services for the customer communications modernization effort at MD DHR. Through the implementation of xPression, notice generation and delivery processes have become centralized in an enterprise system of record and will significantly improve notice generation efficiency.